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Enchaunti Waroway

Also Known as Chauntell Dietrich

  • RSW, Social Worker, Psychotherapist

  • Soulpreneur Illuminator

  • Animist Practitioner

  • Certified Energy Healer

  • Spirit Bridge

  • Animist Minister in Training

Experience & Training

  • 13 years of experience working with adults and youth in therapeutic, mental health and post-trauma support settings

  • Currently taking a one year Ministry Program through the Web of Life Animist Church

  • Soul Psychology course with Author and Psychotherapist Thomas Moore

  • Spirit Bridge Practitionership training  & DNA Warriors Ancestral Healing Program through Web of Life Animism

  • Authentic Life Leadership training with Authentic Revolution 

  • Certified in Reiki Energy Healing

  • Certified Aqualead Energy Healing Masteter

Formal Education

McMaster University

  • Bachelors of Social Work

  • Bachelors of Sociology

Mohawk College

  • Child and Youth Work

Hello my name is....

Introductions typically begin with sharing a first name that was chosen for us by our parents and a last name passed down by our ancestors.

Our name symbolizes our connection to those who came before us.

My given birth name and legal name is Chauntell Dietrich.

I have taken the name Enchaunti Waroway to symbolically represent my re-birth into the woman I choose to be. The name Waroway honours my mother's as it was her last name at birth and is also my grandparent's last name. Enchaunti is a created name.

What does Enchaunti Waroway mean?

Enchaunti is a combination of 3 words:

Enchanted  : To bestow magic onto or to delight.
I have grown up believing in magic and it has become a big part of how I have found joy in my life.
The magic in our world right now looks different than the magic in a fantasy stories but it's still here! Magic an spirit exists all around us and it can bring miracles into our lives when we connect with it,   

We have the ability to make amazing transformation happen and we are starting to wake up to knowing that magic is not fake or evil. Magic is about creating the world we want and using our energy to make it happen.

If we believe in it, it will show itself to us and we can connect with it to create an exuberant life!

Shanti : Sanskrit word meaning inner peace, tranquility, bliss.
When we have a connection and trust in ourselves as well as in source/the universe/god/the force, we develop this shanti energy. This is another part of yourself that I want you to discover as a constant companion. You can be at peace while the world hustles and bustles around you and you can get control over your life rather than being tossed around by the energy of other people. May Shanti energy find you well. 


Chauntell : Name given to me by my mom.
My mom is a magical woman and has been an amazing teacher and support to me. People often spell my name wrong because she spelled it uniquely! It has never bothered me because it reminds me of my uniqueness and the importance to walk my own path in life. The origin of this name also means singer in french. When we sing we are in the flow and connected with the universe. Everything is made up of vibrational frequencies which means we are all one energy field. When we recognize and connect to our oneness with all, we feel fully alive. 

Waroway is my grandparent's last name (my mom's parents) and they were my caregivers while my mom worked when I was a child. My grandfather played an integral role in my upbringing. I learned from his wisdom and the fables from around the world that he would read me as bed time stories. This name also honours my Ukrainian roots. 



I am a woman of many interests and talents that vary in expertise. 

I'm not your average Social Worker.

I'm an animist practitioner, an artist, an energy healer, an adventurer, a truth seeker and an animal lover. 

I'm from Hamilton Ontario and I have been studying mental wellness for over 10 years because of my own and my family's struggles with mental health.

My inner journey to loving life has inspired me to be a support to others.

When writing this bio, I realized that for you to understand who I am and the work I do, I'd have to start at the beginning. My whole life has been leading me to doing the work I do. Our life story matters and in order for you to understand what I mean by that, I'm sharing my story.


My first few years of life were chaotic. I witnessed my father abusing my mother and was neglected when in my father's care as he suffered from depression and an alcohol addiction. My mother was a child and youth worker who worked nights and so I was often left alone with my dad. At around the age or 4 or 5, my dad was out of the picture and my grandparents became my other caretakers when my mom went to work. I would travel back and forth between both homes. Though difficult at first for me as a young person, this came easier in time and taught me a lot about flexibility. 

I grew up as a shy and anxious child. I was mostly happy but often worried about being left out. When my friends couldn't come out to play, I would cry to my grandpa. I worried about being forgotten. Because of this, I wouldn't stand up for myself and often got picked on by my close friends. I was always obsessed with boys and wanting their attention. My social skills lacked, as did my self-esteem. I struggled academically and resisted doing most school work, reading included.

Growing up I never expected I would amount to much. I often thought  I was stupid, ugly and unloveable. 

My grandfather would read to me before bed and also encouraged me to read as well. For years he would cut out stories from the newspaper. These were fables for children with tales from around the would. They were about humans, plants, animals, the sun, the moon, the rivers... and they all taught a moral. Everything was anthropomorphized in these stories and this is where my understanding of animism began. 


As I got older, video games and art became places where I would seek comfort. I became fascinated by a game series called Final Fantasy in middle school. Due to my awkwardness and lack of friends in the "real world", I retreated to the internet and joined an online forum called Eyes on Final Fantasy. This forums and the games helped me grow my reading capabilities as well as my social skills. 

I wasn't raised with religion but I often found myself looking for answers. Surprisingly, the game Final Fantasy 7 taught me about the concept of the lifestream. Even though this is a video game that takes place in a fictional world, this added to my understanding of this planet.

"The Lifestream. That's what we call the river of life that circles our planet,  

giving life to the world and everything in it.

Eventually... all humans die. What happens to them after they die?

The body decomposes, and returns to the Planet.

That much everyone knows.

What about their consciousness, their hearts and their souls?

The soul too returns to the Planet.

And not only those of humans, but everything on this Planet.

In fact, all living things in the universe, are the same.

The spirits that return to the Planet, merge with one another and roam the Planet.

They roam, converge, and divide, becoming a swell, called the 'Lifestream'.

Lifestream... In other words, a path of energy of the souls roaming the Planet.

'Spirit Energy' is a word that you should never forget.

A new life... children are blessed with Spirit energy and are brought into the world.

Then, the time comes when they die and once again return to the Planet."

- Final Fantasy 7 

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

At 16, I was drawn to a relationship that ripped through every last bit of naiveté I seemed to have.  He was a drug dealer and was on probation for stealing cars. I was a quiet art nerd that wore baggy corduroy pants and ironic t-shirts from bluenotes. This relationship ended badly, of course. He cheated on me and all my worries about abandonment flooded up. I didn't understand it, all I knew was that I wanted to die. I had never felt anything like this before and it didn't go away. Months rolled on and so did my tears. 

My art and poems turned dark and morbid, but I also started creating more art than ever. It was how I was coping. But It worried my mom. I agreed to see a counsellor and try medication. I would spend most of the counselling session crying and the meds made me feel disconnected from myself. 

In my counselling sessions, I was never asked about how I was living my life or about my past. All the focus was on what I was upset about, which kept me stuck in my depression narrative.

My family and friends were getting fed up with me... I was getting fed up with me. 

It didn't make any sense it seemed.. All this because of a boy? It wouldn't be until years later that I put the pieces together.

After a year of feeling terrible, I started researching depression. I studied it with a deep desire to understand myself and what was going on. I learned a lot but it didn't take away the sadness. Then I though, well I want to be happy, so I'll start researching happiness. 

I learned about the importance of a healthy diet, being active, getting sunlight, surrounding oneself with good people and positive energy. I had been doing the opposite. I ate terribly, was very sedentary, never went outside, blocked sunlight from entering my room, spent time with people that mistreated me and I listened to sad depressing music.

Around this time, summer was approaching and my grandpa was adamant that I not sit around all summer in my dark abyss. He forced me to apply to work at a YMCA day camp called Camp Chippewa. I probably thought he was trying to punish me. My grandpa is quite convincing when he's all worked up and  so I agreed just to avoid upsetting him further. I negotiated though and we compromised that I'd only have to work half the summer.

Woking at day camp ended up being  one of the best things that could have happened to me. It was life changing and I worked there for 9 consecutive summers.

This experience helped me emerge from the darkness and step into the light... literally. Being outside in nature every day was amazing. I also learned I loved working with kids. My favourite kids were the ones that didn't want to be there and would act out. I understood that feeling. Over time my role grew into what's called Camper Support. I would be called to help kids that were having meltdowns, acting out aggressively or trying to run away. My job was to support them in feeling safe and calm so that they could reintegrate back into their group. I had so many amazing experiences there.

I tore down the black paper that covered my window, started listening to mostly 80s pop music, met awesome friends through camp, started working out and eating healthy. 

As I continued to be obsessed with understanding happiness, I found myself learning about spirituality. I listened to The Secret on CD and read a book called Zen and the Art of Happiness. My world was blown wide open in the best way possible. 

I had my first spiritual awakening in my late teenage years.

I went from being the saddest person I knew to the happiest! 

The world is changing and it's time for us to shift with it

The impact of modern culture can place stresses on individuals about who they should be and so many of us are disconnected from our true self. The path to enjoying life can begin with opening up to the mysteries of the Universe and realizing you're on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Let's discover what your soul wants you to know.


Day camps led me to go to College for Child & Youth Work, which led me to go to University for Sociology and Social Work.

On the day of my last university exam in 2012, I had gotten an interview for a job that my mom suggested I apply for. It was at a women's shelter and the role was to facilitate the LEAF (Learning Effective Anti-Violence in Families) Program. I had no idea how perfect this job would be for me on both my spiritual and professional path. Before my last exam, I got the call that I was hired and I started two weeks later.

I worked at this job for 6 years and learned so much that it would take me way too long to summarize. For my own healing, I started to realize the impact that witnessing violence and my dad leaving had on me. Through working with the children and mothers around their trauma, I also healed some of my own trauma.

My whole life, I longed for a deeper connection to my spiritual self.  Although I learned so much in University, this experienced dampened my spirituality. I felt burnt out before even completing University. 

The last two year of my job at LEAF, I became depressed again and anxious. I tried my usual strategies but they didn't seem to help this time. I was in what I thought was a happy and healthy relationship, I enjoyed my job, I worked out, got sunlight, had great friends... but still I felt like something was missing.

I stared counselling again and met with a naturopath. I was determined to figure out what was wrong.

Through counselling , self-reflection and inner child work I started to explore my shadow self. For the first time I started to face my past and deep rooted trauma around my early years of life. I connected the dots and realized that my problems in relationship all stemmed back to this. I was waiting for someone to help me feel loved because I wasn't offering it to myself.  I had become isolated because this was what I knew how to do best... be lonely. I felt disconnected in my relationship and was alone a lot in my job. I had been playing out the same patterns of hurt for years.  I worked through the hurt and opened myself up to forgiveness. I started showering myself with love, specifically through writing and focused my attention towards gratitude. 

Although I loved my boyfriend at the time, I realized we were no longer in love.  As soon as I accepted this and truly connected lovingly with myself, my boyfriend  and I broke up and I met my soulmate.

Although I was happy and in love, I was still grieving the loss of my last relationship and things at work still felt off.

I began drinking, a lot. Every day. I started looking more and more unwell. I thought maybe it was me. Maybe I just don't know how to be happy for very long. 

Though I had vowed not to years ago,  I tried medication once again. I thought maybe I really do have clinical depression and a chemical imbalance. It seemed good at first but I'm convinced now that was more of a placebo effect. ( I'm not against medication and please do not come off medication that you are on without professional guidance and support. Mental health is complicated, this is just my story.) Months later it seemed I was right back where I was and felt even worse.

This is when I decided to actually listen to myself again. I tuned in to my inner self and I wrote. 

What came out was that it was time to leave my job. Every time I travelled, I felt it. But, I was scared to walk away from all the good parts of my role. Benefits, consistency, flexible hours, decent pay, my own office with sunlight. It was more than I ever expected. 

In the new year of 2017, I started preparing to leave and work independently in November. My plan: to offer therapeutic services with a spiritual focus.  I worked with a coach and started planning. I had already been dreaming of this for years and had been playing with ideas on my website I created. 

In February I was told I would have to move my office (for the 3rd time in 2 years) back down to the basement where I started my role in 2012.  I broke down crying. It was a sign that it was time to leave sooner than I was expecting. The universe often seems to give us the push we need. And so I gave my notice and I left... unsure of what I was even doing. 

For the first time ever (other than when travelling) I was free! Free from unhealthy parental relationships, free from abusive relationships, free from the school system, free from work.  I had never had time to truly process any of my traumas until my 29th year of life. So many of us go years and years not having the opportunity to truly see ourselves.

I weaned myself off the medication and had terrible withdrawal symptoms including brain zaps, low mood, irritability and brain fog. It took months to get back to feeling "normal".

Over this past year, I have gone deeper within myself to heal so that I may be better at the work I do.

I feel better and more confident than ever now that I've honoured my authentic self. The need to drink to escape my problems has fallen away. Stepping onto my authentic path has brought me back to life once again! 

I have been exploring my ancestral lineage in ways I never had before and through the animist practitioner program as well as learning energy healing and practicing divination, I have discovered parts of myself that had been tucked away for years.

Being a Social Worker, evidence based practice is important. This is why I pushed away my spiritual practices because they often aren't rooted in evidence. However, as science evolves and we continue to learn about the true origins of human history, I believe that including spiritual practices in mental health services is integral for holistic healing.

I am constantly learning, growing and evolving with this ever changing world. I'm passionate about mental wellness and the wellness of this planet as a whole. I believe that holistic wellness comes from honouring and connecting with planet earth as we were naturally intended to prior to colonization and industrialization. We can learn so much from our past and from nature. 


There is a wildness in your soul.

There is a truth waiting for your awakening.

Perhaps you’ve already danced, sang, ran, swam and played with it. 
Maybe you’ve already tasted it’s sweet juices in heavenly fruits and glimpsed it’s beauty in twinkling far off stars and morning sunrises.

Have you noticed it in the the scent of the ocean? 

Have you seen it mirrored back to you from the earth’s creatures?

As children we are part of this wildness.
Rules and structures try to stamp it out, urging us to conform to social norms.

Let us not perpetuate this sickness.

Norms and structures exist with our permission and consent.

I no longer consent to freedom being suffocated out from my lungs, the lungs of the people, the animals, plants and the planet as a whole. 
For too long humans have been taught not to feel but to think. We’ve been taught how to do things the “right” way rather than playfully explore the edges of our feelings and our spirit.

I's time to connect back to our roots.

The call of our true nature is getting louder.
The truth can no longer be silenced and we are ready to listen.

This time our wildness will not be expressed through destructive chaos ...

this time our wildness will be tempered with love and wisdom.

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