with Cody Alexander

Hello there, Traveller. My name is Cody. And I am the Owner and Founder of Neon Gnosis: Gnostic Animism.

I am a practitioner of Animist Arts or; a Spirit Bridge. Simply, being a Spirit Bridge means I can act as a bridge between the physical world and the world of Spirit, allowing the wisdom of the Spirit realm to move into the physical plane. 

I have been on this path my entire life. As a child, I had an affinity for anything mystical, cryptic, otherworldly, or magical. Because of these affinities, my experience allowed me to cultivate an understanding that we, as humans have the power to let magic flow through us and out into the world. We can shape our worlds into whatever we want them to be, and we can realize ourselves NOW as the powerful, magical beings we are here to become. 

In recent years, my life journey has led me to become more diligent in my practices and I was guided to engage in more formal training to hone my skills and talents. For the last 3 years, I have been training with Quynn Red Mountain through Web of Life Animist Church as an Animist Practitioner – more commonly known as “Shamanic Practitioner” although the language around this is shifting. My training has allowed me to discover abilities I could once only dream about. Most notably, creating a direct connection with my Inner world of Spirit and learning to communicate with the beings who live there. Through a series of lessons in these realms from both human and non-human entities, I was called to begin to offer services to others and show those who are ready, that they too can be a direct connection with the world of Spirit; Receiving wisdom, clarity, and empowerment, as well as guidance on how one can become a more helpful and effective force on the planet for the highest good of all beings.

My current goal in this line of work is to help others hone in on how to directly connect with Spiritual Knowledge and become an active participant in the force of Life that exists within and around all beings in this Universe. This is the purpose of Gnostic Animism; to help others discover their direct connection to the Force of life that moves through us all. Through an animistic understanding of the Universe, we can realize that we are an integral being amongst an infinite multitude of integral beings and when we wake up to that fact, magic begins to flow through us. When we recognize that this magic exists everywhere and in everything, we can begin to honor all beings and see that the physical world itself is not at all separate from the Spirit Realm, they are one and the same. Through our awareness, we can help the reality of magic become solidified in our own experience and the experience of all those beings we encounter – both human and non-human. 

Gnosis is a revelatory state where the wisdom of the Universe becomes apparent to us. As we grow in our realization of Animism - that Life flows through everything - we can access this state more and more easily. While working together we will use a novel combination of animist modalities and spiritual practices that have been gifted to the citizens of Earth by many powerful teachers who have come before and paved the way for us to Be Here Now. 

You are here because you’ve got a lot to learn and because you’ve got a lot to offer. The world needs your magic now more than ever. Allow me to be an Ally as you discover your Divinity and bring your magic forth into this world.

I’m looking forward to where our paths converge.




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