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Gnostic Animism

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We all have a unique understanding of the Universe based on many different factors – the culture we live within, the stories that resonate with us, the ideas/beliefs we accept and hold onto (or have let go of), and many others.

Gnostic Animism can provide a pathway for us to connect with all aspects of ourselves and traverse realms and states that are beyond the physical.


Gnostic Animism is not just a new idea to ponder but a direct experience of the Spirits of the Earth, your Ancestry, the Energies of the Universe, and the Laws of Nature. Gnostic Animism is a direct experience of LIFE.

It is my aim to move the power and authority of Spiritual Wisdom from so-called Gurus, Masters, and the many Institutions who have positioned themselves as gatekeepers to Gnosis; to all those who seek to discover their Animistic nature, to embrace and wield their Spiritual Power, and to take on the responsibility that comes with the discovery of our innate connection to all aspects of Life.

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 I will Journey to the Spirit World to bring back messages and wisdom for you. Please specify if you have a specific issue you need help with.


After the Journey, I will interpret that which I have experienced and write a passage (~1 page) for you. I will record an audio version of your Journey for you to have as well. 

 I'll use rhythm-led guidance for tuning into our Spirit selves and exploring the symbols revealed in the Journey, together.



45 minutes


Together, we’ll use Rhythm to Journey to the Spirit World with the intention of bringing back wisdom and clarity for whatever your needs/queries might be.


We will explore our experiences and the symbols that appear to us. I will write a passage and record audio for you that will provide a holistic interpretation of our collaborative experience.

I will guide us in connecting to our spirit bodies before we enter the Journeying state but it is recommended that you have prior Journeying or meditative experience to optimize our time together.


75 Minutes.


What is Neon Gnosis?


Gnostic Animism is the name I’ve given to my offerings because I feel that it eloquently summarizes my approach to Spiritual Practice. I will briefly explore these words so you can have a sense of what they mean in this context.

Neon is the name for one of the noble gasses on the periodic table. I chose this word for its connotation  to vibrant lights and sounds; evoking imagery of a futuristic, psychedelic, metropolis. I learned later that Neon (or Neos) is a Greek word meaning new, fresh, and novel – fitting perfectly with my hope of inspiring people to bring freshness and novelty to the world of spiritual practice.

Gnosis is another Greek word meaning Knowledge. There are many religious groups in early Christianity who are referred to as “gnostic” because it was important for them to have a connection to the spiritual realm as individuals. Individuals in these religions sought to develop and tend to their personal connections with the divine which allowed them an experience of “Gnosis” or Divine Knowledge. Here we use it in a similar sense as the Ancient Gnostic religions; a sense that characterizes, not just a connection with Divinity, but also the ability to understand and articulate that connection for ourselves.

The name Neon Gnosis is intended to illustrate my intention to help individuals discover and maintain their own bridges to divine wisdom - this includes connections to Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Earth Spirits, Deities and so on – creating new and novel pathways to Spiritual insights and Universal Wisdom; bringing NEW KNOWLEDGE into the world. When we discover and share new ways of connecting to the Divine, we are embodying our soul’s highest potential. Through embodying our soul’s highest potential, we help the world get a little bit closer to its highest potential. Through discovering our unique Neon Gnosis, we heal the world.



What is Animism?

Animism is the recognition and the ever-unfolding realization that everything[cr1]  – every “thing” – in existence, even so-called inanimate objects, have their own individuality or spirit. And that spirit is connected with the Life force of the Universe. This Universal life Force is known by many names across many traditions but It is most often known as an all pervading energy that exists within everything and cradles everything within itself. It is our innermost Truth as beings of this realm.

Animism as a way of understanding the world is Gnostic in its very nature. There are many animistic cultures and they all have their own unique experience of living in harmony with the Earth. Animism is something that most humans have been forced to forget through colonization. It is my experience, that Animism is innate to our nature as beings of this planet. Years of brutal trauma inflicted by other wounded humans have left immense energetic wounds and scar tissue throughout our ancestry – energetic wounds that remain until we are able to tend to them. Through Awakening, we take on the responsibility of tending to these wounds with fierce compassion and bravery in the face of ancient trauma.

Neon Gnosis: Gnostic Animism is my contribution to a world consumed by vivid digital information – blinding lights. An electric metropolis, distracting us from the living wisdom of planetary and spiritual connection. Awakening is possible amidst these blinding lights. I am here to be an ally to those who are ready to awaken to the Spiritual Dimension within themselves. I am here to help you bridge the gap to that dimension and allow its light and wisdom to flow through you.

Together, we are removing the middleman and rendering obsolete, the gatekeepers of Spiritual knowledge.



You ARE the connection you seek.


What will come forth through you?



Welcome to your Inner Stargate;

pass through and find the depths of Transformation and TRUTH.

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Spirit Bridge

Hello there, Traveller! My name is Cody. And I am the Owner and Founder of Neon Gnosis: Gnostic Animism.

I am a practitioner of Animist Arts or; a Spirit Bridge. Simply, being a Spirit Bridge means I can act as a bridge between the physical world and the world of Spirit, allowing the wisdom of the Spirit realm to move into the physical plane. 

I have been on this path my entire life. As a child, I had an affinity for anything mystical, cryptic, otherworldly, or magical. Because of these affinities, my experience allowed me to cultivate an understanding that we, as humans have the power to let magic flow through us and out into the world. We can shape our worlds into whatever we want them to be, and we can realize ourselves NOW as the powerful, magical beings we are here to become. 

In recent years, my life journey has led me to become more diligent in my practices and I was guided to engage in more formal training to hone my skills and talents. For the last 3 years, I have been training with Quynn Red Mountain through Web of Life Animist Church as an Animist Practitioner – more commonly known as “Shamanic Practitioner” although the language around this is shifting. My training has allowed me to discover abilities I could once only dream about. Most notably, creating a direct connection with my Inner world of Spirit and learning to communicate with the beings who live there. Through a series of lessons in these realms from both human and non-human entities, I was called to begin to offer services to others and show those who are ready, that they too can be a direct connection with the world of Spirit; Receiving wisdom, clarity, and empowerment, as well as guidance on how one can become a more helpful and effective force on the planet for the highest good of all beings.

My current goal in this line of work is to help others hone in on how to directly connect with Spiritual Knowledge and become an active participant in the force of Life that exists within and around all beings in this Universe. This is the purpose of Gnostic Animism; to help others discover their direct connection to the Force of life that moves through us all. Through an animistic understanding of the Universe, we can realize that we are an integral being amongst an infinite multitude of integral beings and when we wake up to that fact, magic begins to flow through us. When we recognize that this magic exists everywhere and in everything, we can begin to honor all beings and see that the physical world itself is not at all separate from the Spirit Realm, they are one and the same. Through our awareness, we can help the reality of magic become solidified in our own experience and the experience of all those beings we encounter – both human and non-human. 

Gnosis is a revelatory state where the wisdom of the Universe becomes apparent to us. As we grow in our realization of Animism - that Life flows through everything - we can access this state more and more easily. While working together we will use a novel combination of animist modalities and spiritual practices that have been gifted to the citizens of Earth by many powerful teachers who have come before and paved the way for us to Be Here Now. 


You are here because you’ve got a lot to learn and because you’ve got a lot to offer. The world needs your magic now more than ever. Allow me to be an Ally as you discover your Divinity and bring your magic forth into this world.

I’m looking forward to where our paths converge.

- Cody Alexander

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