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What am I supposed to do while stuck at home?!

Nothing like being stuck at home to inspire a first blog post on this website!

With the sweeping wave of COVID19, there's a push for many of us to stay home.

Staying home can feel like a gift or a punishment depending on a factors like:

  • your relationship with yourself

  • your relationship with other people at home

  • your home environment

  • how accustom you are to being busy with going out

  • how safe you feel at home

  • your ability to entertain yourself

Whether you're used to staying home or not, feeling forced to do anything usually doesn't feel good to us humans.

How we spend our time impacts our overall wellness in all realms (physically, mentally, spiritually).

Your wellness in these realms impacts your relationship with your reality.

Many of us have been addicted to distracting wit social media or TV. Though these can sometimes be enjoyable, overconsumption of both can potentially negatively impact our overall wellness. It's helpful to be mindful about how these experiences are feeling for you. I suggest taking a break to allow for a variety of experiences that are more likely to benefit you.

I created an infographic to give us some ideas around what we can do to support ourselves during this time of isolation. Allow this to be a time of creation, connection and playfulness. Ask your inner wisdom for guidance. Breathe. Reach out!

My name is Chauntell, also known as Enchaunti. It is my service to the world to be a Spirit Bridge to support people in moving through challenging transitions. I'm also registered Social Worker, psychotherapist, animist practitioner and energy worker.

If you are feeling isolated or overwhelmed, please reach out.

I offer online support and a variety of options for payments (covered by benefit plans that include social work, sliding scale donation and free consultations).

May we all find peace and wellness during this collectively challenging time.

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