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Intuitive Card Reading

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In an intuitive card reading both of our intuitive abilities light up to give you some perspective around what you are experiencing in life.

The cards may also reveal some guidance to re-direct you or motivate you to keep on your path. I will interpret the cards along with you and offer supportive coaching around what the cards reveal.

The cards work as a bridge for us to connect with important themes coming up for you in your life so that we can explore them together. You will gain clarity about where to put your attention as well as receive confirmation as to areas of your life where you are already on the right track.

Card readings can be done online or in person.

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The prices listed are recommended prices for services. However, I am open to us negotiating a different price if finances are a challenge for you . I also offer free 20 minute consultation sessions.  

Please keep in mind that your money is going towards me being able to do more of the work I do. I do not love the monetary system, but it's something that we have to deal with for now in this society. At times I work with clients at reduced prices when they lack income. Without financial support I am unable to offer these services to others at a reduced cost. If you are able to pay full price for services, your payment is also a donation to support other people that cannot afford to do so. 

Because I feel this work is important, I hope to support people no matter what their financial status may be. Money is symbolic and I encourage you to think about a price that best suits what you hope to get out of our experience together. When we invest more, we expect more from ourselves as well. However, if we give more than what we can actually afford, it may become a stressor and deter from the work that we do together.
We can work together in finding a price that suits your needs and I can support you if you are having emotional and spiritual blockages around money. 

If you are a good fit for the services offered we will have an initial session to determine what you are comfortable investing financially as an energetic exchange.

The more you are able to invest, the more can be offered to you. This work can require a lot of energy from both you and myself so we should both feel comfortable with the exchange we agree to.