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modern traditional therapy

blended with ancient traditional healing

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What is Therapeutic Animism?

• a spiritual and non-religious approach to increasing overall wellness and joy in life⁣

• a combination of social worker and animist practices including : narrative therapy, inner child work, soul recovery, card readings, spirit bridge journeys, ancestral healing and energy healing

• the client is the expert and I act as a an ally on your journey⁣

• a guide to your own inner knowing⁣

• a key to unlocking your own inner truths to getting in touch with your life path and purpose⁣• an emotional support while you explore and process your inner and outer world to create harmony in your life⁣

• a guide along side you on your path towards connecting with your inner wise self, ancestral guides and spirit guides⁣Support can be offered in person if local or online.

What is a Social Worker and what do they do?

Social Workers work with individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being.

As a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, I aim to help empower people to develop skills and connect to the resources that they need so they can support themselves in achieving their emotional and spiritual goals. Social Work looks at not only the individual but how their challenges connect to the broader social systems that they exist within. ⁣

The uniqueness of social work practice is in the blend of particular values, knowledge and skills, including the use of relationship as the basis of all interventions and respect for the client’s choice and involvement.basis of all interventions and respect for the client’s choice. and involvement.

Are you covered by benefits?


Yes, I'm a registered social worker and my counselling services are covered by benefits. 


What is Animism?

Animism is a way of understanding the world that roots back to ancient times and honours the spirit and energy in all things. ⁣

We humans are part of nature and therefore we are impacted by nature. Nature is our greatest healer and teacher.

By connecting with mother earth, we can heal and rediscover our roots. Understanding our roots, connection to nature and ancestral past are all significant pieces to understanding ourself and our place in this world. ⁣

Animism is the birthplace of modern day religion. Animists honour the earth and spirit realms. I use card readings, spirit bridge journeys, energy healing, sacred stories and real life magic to connect people to their subconscious self, each other and their spiritual path.


What is a Spirit Bridge?

As a spirit bridge, I work with both this waking realm and the spirit realm. I support people in times of transition, bridging the gap between the old and the new. I honour the wisdom from both the light and the dark. I support people in developing a deeper connection with their spirit self and the realm of spirit as well as grounding into this human experience.


Which challenges can you help with?​

  • lack of self-love or confidence

  • not knowing where to begin to help yourself

  • feeling stuck 

  • feeling like you don't belong in this world

  • being on auto-pilot often or zoned  out

  • habits that are no longer serving you 

  • dissatisfaction in day to day life

  • disharmony at work

  • feeling like life has no meaning

  • unhealthy relationship patterns

  • conflict with family members

  • challenges with boundary setting

  • disconnect in a partnership

  • challenges with dating 

  • emotional pain from relationships

  • integrating psychedelic experiences

  • making sense of spiritual awakening



What changes might I experience?

  • belief that you can have the life you want

  • connection back to your inner spirit 

  • clarity about what you want to create and manifest in your life

  • a deeper satisfaction and joy in life

  • shifting and dissolving of barriers that are limiting your flow 

  • discovery of your passions and magical abilities

  • developing and attitude of gratitude

  • learning how to manifest

  • acceptance / letting go of perfectionism

  • compassionate self-communication 

  • new habits that serve you, letting go of the ones that don't

  • understand and experience the power of vulnerability 

  • greater self confidence 

  • letting go of relationships that don't serve you

  • lovingly parenting yourself

Who can benefit from Therapeutic Animsm?

  • people of all ages ready to connect with their inner self and to explore life from a spiritual perspective 

  • anyone that feels blah, "depressed", like something is missing, grumpy or lost

  • anyone that feels stuck and isn't sure what's wrong

  • anyone that feels like their life is out of balance 

  • anyone that feels they are settling in life but wants more 

  • anyone that feels like the spiritual part of their life needs some love

  • anyone tired of mainstream counselling approaches and feeling unheard, judged or misunderstood

Do you work with children and couples?

  • I offer support to children and teens using a variety of modalities to suit their age and abilities

  • I work with couples and support them in communicating and connecting with each other

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