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Enhance your self-esteem and self-worth so you can discover your life path purpose.

A fusion of therapeutic tools, the hero's journey and real life magic
to help you gain clarity so you can offer your gifts back to the world . 


Earth in Sky is an initiative created by Chauntell Dietrich (aka Enchaunti Waroway) to support soul expansion through therapeutic animism, soulpreneurship, events, podcast and community in Hamilton Ontario. 

Our world is shifting and we are now evolving with the changes so that we can create a more harmonious experience within ourselves, with each other and the planet. Earth in Sky is here to support with this rise in consciousness.



To offer services, programs and experiences that support people through soulful expansion in the Hamilton Ontario area by tending to our spiritual wellness. 



Creating meaningful and authentic connection in all realms of life:

personal, relational, professional, cosmic.

Creating experiences that support individuals in connecting to their authentic self and providing opportunities for inner reflection, outer connection, creative expression and empowerment.

Harmonizing together to create a culture of kindness, support, creativity, joy, abundance and hope for all people and beings.









(Compassionately Eccentric Overseer) 

Chauntell Dietrich aka Enchaunti Waroway

Creator of Earth in Sky, Soulpreneur, Registered Social Worker, Animism Practitioner, Artist

Welcome! I created Earth in Sky as a home to house all the ways I offer my services to the world. I'm dedicated to supporting others in raising their consciousness, welcoming more creativity and love into their lives. Our world is changing rapidly and so many of us are feeling the call to rise up and change in meaningful ways. It's my intention to follow my intuition and the guidance of the universe so that I may be able to do work that is in alignment with my truth and what the world needs of me. 




Earth in Sky offers groups and events to help us raise our consciousness and vibrational frequencies for the improvement of our overall wellness.

From mindful painting to sacred circles, you're welcome to join us!

Most events are held at the Hamilton Centre for Personal Development at 430 York Blvd. in Hamilton Ontario.

Chauntell is a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist with 11 years of experience working with adults and youth in therapeutic, mental health and post-trauma support settings. 

Therapeutic Animism is:

• a spiritual and non-religious approach to increasing overall wellness and joy in life⁣

• a combination of social worker and animist practices including : narrative therapy, inner child work, soul recovery, card readings, spirit bridge journeys, ancestral healing and energy healing⁣

• the client is the expert and I act as a an ally on your journey⁣

• a guide to your own inner knowing⁣

• a key to unlocking your own inner truths to getting in touch with your life path and purpose⁣

• an emotional support while you explore and process your inner and outer world to create harmony in your life⁣

• a guide along side you on your path towards connecting with your inner wise self, ancestral guides and spirit guides⁣

Support can be offered in person if local or online.

Do you know what your ikigai, your dharma, your raison d'être is?

Do you feel the pull to do what you're most passionate about but have a hard time expressing what exactly that is?

Soulpreneur Illumination is a 3 month in person and online personalized self-discovery program to help you offer your gifts back to the world!

Your unique talents, message and creative energy needs to be shared with the world!

This is YOUR life and it's time to live it YOUR way!

The Sacred Grind is a podcast based out of Hamilton Ontario. 

BUT,  more importantly it's about community.

The SG isn't about me, it's about YOU it's about US and the epic spiritual rebels doing inner and outer work to make a difference in this world. 

We have no idea what we're doing but here we are doing it anyways!

The Sacred Grind is all about finding harmony between the busy grind of working life and the sacredness of spiritual life.


By spiritual we mean exploring the wonder and the mystery of what it means to be alive as a human. 

We are not affiliated with any religion.

We honour all beliefs and cultures that seek love, harmony and connection. 

We're all about exploring this crazy beautiful life together.



430 York Blvd. Hamilton Ontario  |  Tel: 905-928-7984

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